Simple Machine is an independent studio that builds-to-sell whimsical apps & games.

Trey and Stephen have been building popular apps and websites for government and nonprofit clients for over a decade. They launched Simple Machine to realize their braver, quirkier ideas.
Trey Gordner is a product manager, data enthusiast, and urban planning nerd. He and his family live outside Honolulu HI. His tan is better than Stephen's.
Stephen Bateman is a software developer, entrepreneur, and creator. He lives in Columbia SC with his wife Molly and their two children. His frisbee game is much better than Trey's.
Our Companies

Simplify Recipe ditches the backstory so you can stop scrolling and start cooking. Paste a URL to clip out only the ingredients and instructions. Save your favorites and search ours. It's dinner without the drama.

Guess the Prompt is a game that flips AI on its head. You get 4 generated images and 3 strikes to guess the phrase that created them. Think like a machine to win! New challenge daily.

Local Town Review showcases the best activities and restaurants in towns and neighborhoods across the U.S. with interactive lists and articles. Wherever you are, there's something for you--now you can find it.

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